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Prednisone side effects blog

prednisone side effects blog

I'm just getting this blog active again, and I want to apologize to all the followers for letting it go stale Honestly, when I've been at my worst with prednisone and gained 80 pounds in 2 months and I prednisone · submission · side effects.
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I'll start this blog with a little bit about when I acquired PMR and treatment. Once I was off the prednisone, my side effects went away. I hurt a.

NO blpg effects at all. I hate the Benadryl, as it can wire me and make me woozy and foggy headed. I am hoping this ends soon, but I also have a nasty headache in the sinus region. Living Through Breast Cancer. To read more about the Paddison Arthritis Cure, Click Here!

prednisone side effects blog

Had blood tests, head MRI, check ups, etc and nobody can find anything. You will learn about nondrug alternatives for arthritis with the latest scientific studies to document anti-inflammatory activity. Mouth sores or dry mouth. I went back to the doctor and he insisted this had nothing to do with the drug. It takes as long as it takes, so patience seems to be the right thing here, to avoid a flare. Enter a display name and email address to post a comment.

Share this: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google Pinterest Reddit Tumblr Email Print. Again, thanks for sharing and educating others. Prednisone side effects blog wishes to you in your health journey. I am hoping he hangs in long enough to be able to go on a couple horse trail rides again. This weaning process may be over a few days, if the course of prednisone was short, but may take weeks or months if the patient had been on long-term treatment. However, prednisone should always be used with caution and only under direct veterinary supervision.

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