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Pleurisy treated with prednisone

pleurisy treated with prednisone

However if no other issues are present it usually determined that the pleurisy is caused by the lupus. Prednisone is often given to treat the inflammation.
Saw my pulmonologist who said I had pleurisy. He treated me with levaquin and prednisone. A few days after prednisone therapy ended, my.
She consulted with the doc and they diagnosed me with pleurisy which had resulted from the flu. Prednisone took care of it pretty quickly once I was on it. me anything to treat it they just said you have pleursy deal with it.

I looked this up and the internet pleurisy treated with prednisone told me that it could witth either pleurisy or pneumonia. Saw my pulmonologist who said I had pleurisy. If anyone reading this experienced that small area of pain left from having plursey, knows advise on that. Acute Pericarditis- Richard, M. Find all posts by SeaDragonTattoo.

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Pleurisy treated with prednisone Prednisone common dose

In patients with a low activity level, their lung disease has to become relatively severe before they notice that they have a problem. I Might Have Lupus. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The Lungs Human Anatomy : Picture, Function, Definition, Conditions. It reaches across my whole chest and hurts, not really any pain breathingbut sharp pains in the chest off and on. Advanced Search Go to Page.

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