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Smoking and taking prednisone

smoking and taking prednisone

is marajjuana a barbiturate, and if so can you smoke marjjuana when taking prednisone. because i told a friend of mine no he can't smoke pot.
I've been taking prednisone for my rheumatoid arthritis, but I've heard that it To counter this risk, do weight-bearing exercise, avoid alcohol and do not smoke.
Hi. Well,when taking any corticosteroid? This specific type of medication will definitely lower ones immune system,which in turn makes you.

Smoking and taking prednisone - always interested

Fat has over twice the calories per gram than proteins and carbohydrates. It may be necessary to temporarily increase your steroid dose until you are feeling better and then taper the dose more slowly. Prednisone is best taken with food. Stabbing Pain Right side upper! We want a fire truck with a big hose.

It may takng required for people who have a poor diet. We believe the more you know about your medications, the better. Antibiotics As previously stated, antibiotics are of proven benefit when you have acute episodes of bronchitis associated with discoloured mucus. When eating out, tell the waiter what you need. The side-effects listed above will obviously create some problems for lupus patients taking prednisone. I feel more light headed than before, and just not quite right. There is no special food interaction and mild alcohol consumption is smoking and taking prednisone a problem on prednisone.

I was on prednisone two months ago, when I prenisone on it I felt edgie so the Dr put me on Zoloft. How to make it through work while being sick? As a result, patients miss out on therapies that could help them feel better and possibly live longer. You should also see if you can take a Collagen supplement while on your medications. Search this forum only. Do not take your medicine more often. It is advisable that people taking prednisone should always put on a bracelet or bear a card saying that you take this medication and other related information for others to realize your condition when you are not able to speak or seek emergency medical aid.

smoking and taking prednisone

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In some people, once inflammation is brought under control the disease can go into remission. I don t feel like I takibg have cravings but I amd having severe anxiety attacks and insomnia. Then I had a decent one, who no longer covered my insurance. So, the real answer to your question is: We just don't know if using marijuana while taking prednisone is harmful or not. I have no history s,oking drug usesmoking or drinkinghealthy.

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